When Intuition meets creativity

I just heard from on old friend on we chat that he is back in China. He was gone visiting his native country and might have come back as he lived in here for quiet a long time. A funny guy he is he was sending me stuff on we chat. Like a short from a Stanley Kubrick movie with the boot camp instructor in Full Metal Jacket. As we have the same taste in movies … I had to watch it again. Well I must have been 20 years since I saw it last time. I knew there were some little bids and pieces in it that were worthwhile my time. Being a little bid older now also made it easier to watch as I had received the movie at its time a bid gruesome. So with Stanley Kubrick in mind I was reading a little bid of the director and his approach to movie making.

There was another masterpiece with outstanding cast that caught my attention. Yes, we all know Dr. StangeLove where the great Peter Sellers plays different parts in one movie. So I was telling my friend again about Peter Sellers and that he is one of the funniest people that have been around.

My friend only mentioned Peter Sellers in Lolita. Wow bum after checking that out as well. I had what I wanted. Originally I read about Peter Sellers in Lolita but after mentioning it I had to look at it. Because I was looking for a villain for my next comic book and with Peter Sellers in Lolita there is someone that is a hundred percent fit. Now I can’t wait till I am finished with coloring my last comic book and starting to work on the next story where Peter will be the evil one.



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