Who is Chow Yun-fat,

Chow_Yun_fat  Simply spoken he is a Hong Kong movie superstar. Born on Lama island he moved with his family to Kowloon. He is one of the many Hong Kong stars that started their career in Hong Kong with TVB originally as an acting apprentice. After his success on TV he moved into the Action genre by making movies with John Woo. Besides his success in Asia he could also branch out into the Western World where he might be mostly known for playing a Pirate Lord in the sequels of Pirates of the Caribbean. In the early 90s he made 4 movies in The U.S where the Replacement Killer is a good example of Hong Kong film making due to critics. He played Li Mu Bai in Crouching Tiger hidden dragon that was a big international success and even produced a sequel. But only Michele Lee could reprise her role for the 2nd part. This movie was one of the early works directed by Ang Lee. Other than name dropping I want to briefly describe him. As you can see on the list of films the older films show him as a tough action hero while in his more current work he portraits more interesting or funny characters. His current film persona has something of an earlier Gary Grant who came originally from the vaudeville stage. While the younger Chow Yun fat portraying tough guys mostly reminds me of an older Gary Grant in some of his movies. Especially the ones that Gary Grant did with Hitchcock.


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