Story Telling based on the target audience!


When you translate your story in different languages. But be aware of your target audience as it needs more than just to translate your text. Imagine the following scene:

A scene in the airplane where it is about having lunch. The usual tea or coffee question expands on an international flight to serving a tasty beverage to accommodate the meal. Based on the cultural background of the target audience we ask:

Can serve some California wine with the chicken if the story is tailored towards U.S audience.

For other Cultures the scenario would be different:

Here are some examples:


Would you like a Hefeweizen with your Wiener Schnitzel.


How about some Beaujolais nouveau wine with your Camembert?


We have hot water or tea to accommodate your meal Sir?

It might sound superfiscal first to go into such details but what it does it creates a feeling that the target audience won’t miss.

The German scenario is more of a crude example and might either upset people or create laughter as it is kind of a simple U.S / foreign view on the culture. As you can observe it in some U.S TV commercials.

The Beaujolais for the french is actually a very detailed story telling element like a fine pencil brush and sets the tone to a good quality of the story.

The knowledge of the Chinese shows we are not ignorant and we know how to treat the Asian’s well.

et voilà

The artist Ralf 2017


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