Page 30 of my comic book!

Page 30 shows 2 stories that I could combine. The stories were ‘talking to the guys’ and ‘grandma’s love story’. Like editing a movie I went back and forth telling the story from the perspective of the characters. The panels are put in basically using 200 mm of the original European space size of 210 mm. I am sure everyone knows that I am referring to A4 210 x 297. So by using 100 mm per picture the panels will be very nice and orderly aligned next to each other. Using 80 and 120 mm as a split up will give us more of a diverse structure with small and big panels that looks more natural like in a classic comic book. The background is a gradient where I used the major color of the first picture and the major color of the second story to get a matching color scheme. So far so go.

Panel 030


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