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Page 30 of my comic book!

Page 30 shows 2 stories that I could combine. The stories were ‘talking to the guys’ and ‘grandma’s love story’. Like editing a movie I went back and forth telling the story from the perspective of the characters. The panels are put in basically using 200 mm of the original European space size of 210 mm. I am sure everyone knows that I am referring to A4 210 x 297. So by using 100 mm per picture the panels will be very nice and orderly aligned next to each other. Using 80 and 120 mm as a split up will give us more of a diverse structure with small and big panels that looks more natural like in a classic comic book. The background is a gradient where I used the major color of the first picture and the major color of the second story to get a matching color scheme. So far so go.

Panel 030

First design of a cover!


I am trying to finish my comic book. Basically I am just trying to tie up some loose ends. Like material that you need besides the story. The title art is one of it. Everyone knows that it should be catchy so people might start looking further if they like it.

Story Telling based on the target audience!


When you translate your story in different languages. But be aware of your target audience as it needs more than just to translate your text. Imagine the following scene:

A scene in the airplane where it is about having lunch. The usual tea or coffee question expands on an international flight to serving a tasty beverage to accommodate the meal. Based on the cultural background of the target audience we ask:

Can serve some California wine with the chicken if the story is tailored towards U.S audience.

For other Cultures the scenario would be different:

Here are some examples:


Would you like a Hefeweizen with your Wiener Schnitzel.


How about some Beaujolais nouveau wine with your Camembert?


We have hot water or tea to accommodate your meal Sir?

It might sound superfiscal first to go into such details but what it does it creates a feeling that the target audience won’t miss.

The German scenario is more of a crude example and might either upset people or create laughter as it is kind of a simple U.S / foreign view on the culture. As you can observe it in some U.S TV commercials.

The Beaujolais for the french is actually a very detailed story telling element like a fine pencil brush and sets the tone to a good quality of the story.

The knowledge of the Chinese shows we are not ignorant and we know how to treat the Asian’s well.

et voilà

The artist Ralf 2017

22 panels that always work


I have a print out laminated always on my desk for reference. Sometimes I even see some of the panels in old noir movies exactly as they are shown here. Simply this always works.

Who is Chow Yun-fat,

Chow_Yun_fat  Simply spoken he is a Hong Kong movie superstar. Born on Lama island he moved with his family to Kowloon. He is one of the many Hong Kong stars that started their career in Hong Kong with TVB originally as an acting apprentice. After his success on TV he moved into the Action genre by making movies with John Woo. Besides his success in Asia he could also branch out into the Western World where he might be mostly known for playing a Pirate Lord in the sequels of Pirates of the Caribbean. In the early 90s he made 4 movies in The U.S where the Replacement Killer is a good example of Hong Kong film making due to critics. He played Li Mu Bai in Crouching Tiger hidden dragon that was a big international success and even produced a sequel. But only Michele Lee could reprise her role for the 2nd part. This movie was one of the early works directed by Ang Lee. Other than name dropping I want to briefly describe him. As you can see on the list of films the older films show him as a tough action hero while in his more current work he portraits more interesting or funny characters. His current film persona has something of an earlier Gary Grant who came originally from the vaudeville stage. While the younger Chow Yun fat portraying tough guys mostly reminds me of an older Gary Grant in some of his movies. Especially the ones that Gary Grant did with Hitchcock.

When Intuition meets creativity

I just heard from on old friend on we chat that he is back in China. He was gone visiting his native country and might have come back as he lived in here for quiet a long time. A funny guy he is he was sending me stuff on we chat. Like a short from a Stanley Kubrick movie with the boot camp instructor in Full Metal Jacket. As we have the same taste in movies … I had to watch it again. Well I must have been 20 years since I saw it last time. I knew there were some little bids and pieces in it that were worthwhile my time. Being a little bid older now also made it easier to watch as I had received the movie at its time a bid gruesome. So with Stanley Kubrick in mind I was reading a little bid of the director and his approach to movie making.

There was another masterpiece with outstanding cast that caught my attention. Yes, we all know Dr. StangeLove where the great Peter Sellers plays different parts in one movie. So I was telling my friend again about Peter Sellers and that he is one of the funniest people that have been around.

My friend only mentioned Peter Sellers in Lolita. Wow bum after checking that out as well. I had what I wanted. Originally I read about Peter Sellers in Lolita but after mentioning it I had to look at it. Because I was looking for a villain for my next comic book and with Peter Sellers in Lolita there is someone that is a hundred percent fit. Now I can’t wait till I am finished with coloring my last comic book and starting to work on the next story where Peter will be the evil one.


A good story telling tool to use!


Similar to the classic Noir story telling tool to have a narration is using a phone conversation. We just need to show 2 people on the phone talking. While in the next scene our hero is just calling a different person. Our story does not have to continue with the person from the first conversation. The first conversation is just used to give out background information.

A good year

Highlander 1985, Brandy

Highlander 1986

Brandy. Bottled in 1783. 1783 was a very good year. Mozart wrote his Great Mass. The Montgolfier Brothers went up in their first balloon. And England recognized the independence of the United States. A great scene that could be copied for any kind of story telling. Based on the story, year and events can be changed to make it more suitable to your story. Have your hero open a glass of wine and tell something that fits in your story.

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